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Casey Anthony Not Guilty Verdict

The panel convicted her on four counts of lying to investigators. But as we all know, this jury seemed to listen only to Jose Baez. The six members of the city council are each elected from districts. Its all about me, always has been about me, and will be forever about me. It was the cause of death. US politics for global readers.

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This brain dead jury was the bottom of the barrel and incompetent. Get the latest New Jersey music, movies, tv, dining news and reviews. An accident is ridiculous when you look at the circumstances of this case. Anthony agreed to speak to the AP. George and Cindy, were warned. Okay, fine, let that one go.

He also said Casey Anthony was sexually abused by her father and brother. Georges car did not have compounds of decompostition in it, Caseys did. When this jury opened their mouths they proved what idiots they were! An image of a chain link. Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy.

Why is it some people think Casey should not be held accountable? Three years of investigations, legal wranglings, hours and hours. Sadly, we will never know the truth of what happened in this case. CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE proving accident but she can see accident easier! Chicago, Cook County and Illinois and hold to account the powerful officials in charge of those systems. Its called Hybristophilia Mr.

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